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Highly Integrated

This XRotor 4IN1 ESC not only includes 4 high-performance 20A ESCs, 2 built-in BECs,
but also 5 output ports for powering peripherals like FC, camera, 1 port for FC
checking real-time current and voltage (on condition that the FC supports this function like
APM FC. The space above ESC heatsink is reserved for installing FC (i.e. CC3D, naze32, skyline32,
and etc). All this makes the installation and wiring neat.

Highly Integrated

Motor Block-up Protection

This XRotor 20A 4IN1 ESC cuts off its output to motor immediately
when it detects the motor shaft is locked up.

Motor Block-up

OneShot Mode supported

This Xrotor 20A 4IN1 ESC not only supports regular throttle signal
frequencies of below 500Hz but also super high speed throttle
signals and makes communication between FC and ESC more agile,
throttle linearity smoother, and throttle response rapider.

OneShot Mode

DEO Technology

The DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization) technology
implemented in the ESC has multiple advantages:
● Active braking. When reducing the throttle amount, the motor will
decelerate very quickly. This feature enables pilots to more easily
perform all maneuvers like sharp turns, altitude changes,
and sudden braking.
● Higher driving efficiency, longer flight time.
● Lower ESC temperature and a more reliable operation.
*Different companies call this technology by different names:
"Simonk" calls it "Comp_PWM",
"BLHeli" calls it "Dampaning-light" and Kontronik calls it “Active Freewheeling”.

Rapid Throttle

Lower temperature

Higher efficiency and
longer flight time