Combo-XRotor-8120-100KV-FOC HV for Agricultural Application is coming_Product Release_HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

Combo-XRotor-8120-100KV-FOC HV for Agricultural Application is coming
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2016-11-28  

 HOBBYWING Technology has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing brushless power systems for over a decade. Its products have been widely used in RC cars, boats, aircraft and drones. Along with the time change, our way of living has been dramatically changed by science and technology. Drones for agricultural applications get into our lives and are welcomed by agricultural industry due to their time-saving, labor-saving, convenient, low-cost and high-efficiency characteristics.

Now HOBBYWING releases a set of brushless power system, features powerful software and reliable hardware, for agricultural drones. With over ten years of experience in the field of brushless power system, the set HOBBYWING is releasing definitely will be different. The XRotor-8120-100KV-FOC HV combo has the following features:

The revolutionary sine wave-driven technology will make the ESC generate some braking effect, recycle the energy when the motor slows down and have smoother throttle linearity. Compared to BLDC square wave-driven ESCs, the FOC ESC monitors the current and is driven by current control while BLDC ESCs monitor the voltage and are driven by voltage control. The ESC, which adopted the FOC driving technology, for agricultural applications has the following advantages:
1)Lower sound. No annoying noise.
2)Lower temperature. The temperature can be 10℃ lower than the one of BLDC-driven ESCs.
3)Higher efficiency. The overall efficiency can be increased by 8% to 10% than the one of BLDC-driven ESCs.
4)Rapider response. More stable flight and quicker response.

The nano-coating technology combined with the anti-corrosive housing makes the ESC dustproof and waterproof to IP55 standard. The use of the imported waterproof NSK bearings, shaft with patented waterproof structure, anti-corrosive windings (went through vacuum dip coating treatment twice), stator iron core (went through electroplating rustproof and anti-corrosive treatment), rotor magnet steel (went through nickel-copper-nickel electroplating rustproof and anti-corrosive treatments) make the motor waterproof to IPX8 standard. All the protective design effectively guarantees the excellent waterproof, rustproof and anti-corrosive feature of the power system.


The ESC outputs "black box" data to monitor the power system's operation, record trajectories, discover potential issues and activate corresponding protections for helping flight controller to control the system effectively. Multiple protection functions like power-on self test (for detecting internal faults), voltage, current and motor lock-up perfectly protect the system from all the possible risks.

(Note: Output data contains input throttle, output throttle, RPM, input voltage, input current, output current, capacitor temperature, MOSFET temperature and error warning signal.)

The built-in fuse will cut off the input current when the over-current protection fails to function on special occasions to achieve the 2nd protection and avoid the further damage to the burnt ESC and damage to other devices.

The ESC adopted the latest FOC sine wave-driven algorithms will generate (30%) less heat than traditional sine wave-driven ESCs. The great compatibility will be achieved when pairing the ESC with HOBBYWING's XRotor 8120 motor. In that case, the system will have rapider response and the drone will have more stable performance. The FOC solution greatly improves the battery's sustainability, increases the flight time and effectively protects the motor and battery and prolongs their service lives via current control.

The heat-conductive copper bars, MOSFETs and heatsink closely fitting together can equably and quickly transfer all internal heat to the integrated heatsink housing. The centrifugal fan design adopted by the motor rotor can autonomously dissipate heat in operation. All this will effectively improve the flight performance.

The HOBBYWING patented interlocking structure design (that's the circlip or snap ring, lock sleeve, and screw) implemented by the motor rotor guarantees the great stability and reliability of the motor.

The thick hallow shaft combined with the overall reinforced CNC-machined rotor guarantees high impact resistance of the motor. The precisely balanced rotor guarantees users low vibration and noise during the motor's high-speed rotation.

The special heat-resistant windings combined with heat-resistant magnets guarantee the powerful and continuous overload capability of the motor.

Last but not least, you can upgrade the ESC with the Hobbywing USB LINK software, a LCD program box (item sold separately) and a laptop. Hobbywing updates its ESC firmware regularly giving you upgraded features more often when available.

The outstanding quality always comes from the outstanding creativity. HOBBYWING will keep providing all you users with the optimal brushless power systems in future.