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USB Link Software (HW Link)

Functionality & Download

1. Functionality

Customers can carry out the following operations via the HW Link APP on their own smart phones:
1、adjust all the programmable parameters of the brushless ESC;
2、1. update the ESC firmware.

2、The WiFi Link App is applicable for the following ESCs:

1、XERUN series & EZRUN series of brushless car ESCs,
2、PLATINUM series of brushless aircraft ESCs,
3、SEAKING PRO series of brushless boat ESCs,
4、and other ESCs which are compatible with HOBBYWING multifunction LCD program box.
* Please note that some of the mentioned ESC series/models may not be compatible with this WiFi module. For detailed info, please refer to the corresponding instructions about these products on our website.

3. Download

1、For iOS, please download the App by the keyword "HW Link" or "Hobbywing" in Apple App Store.

2、For Android, please click the Android icon (at the end) to download the App

Note: for smart phones with the Android operating system (version 8.0 and later), if they have already installed the Hobbywing WiFi Link or HW Link App, please uninstall the App previously installed and install the new version.