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2018 EFRA European Stock Champion signs with Hobbywing
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2019-01-02  

On Novermber 9, 2018, the Guankou·Three Circles International Car Model (flat road) Match was held at Xiamen Three Circles ARC model racing arena as scheduled. Many players who used Hobbywing power and the drivers signed with Hobbywing took part in the match.

As a sponsor, Hobbywing still sent on-site technical support personnel to provide users with timely and reliable logistics support.

About electric car, the event is divided into 1/8 flat road and 1/10 touring car, as well as 1/5 motorcycle and 1/8 motorcycle. 1/8 flat road, 1/5 motorcycle and 1/8 motorcycle take the following driving routes.

1/10 touring car takes the following driving routes.

In yesterday's preliminary heats, Hobbywing drivers Nicholas Lee, any Moore and Dominic Quek all showed very strong competitiveness in the 1/10 touring car project. They were aggressive and combative.

And Wang Haifeng, the motor king, took part in the 1/8 electric flat road. With his many years of experience in racing, he kept good ranking steadily.

Besides, other Hobbywing drivers and the players who used Hobbywing power also did not slack off each round of race and strived to make excellent performance.

Wish all the players to achieve good results on the finals.