Hobbywind Drivers: Hagberg & Machler win at 2019 TITC
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2019-03-07  

The 2019 edition of the annual Thailand International R/C Touring Car Championship was held last weekend in Bangkok, Thailand. The event attracted numerous world-class and local drivers to participate in, so its scale was not small when compared to some world championships; it wasn’t easy to win out as the results changed all the time and no one could predict the final results, and this made the competition even more attractive than we expected.

All drivers, assistants and other people at the site spent three days together to witness the final results. Everyone was eager to know the final results, in particular the results of the most intense Modified class racing; after two days of preliminaries/qualifying, 20 people got into the finals including 9 (who were former world champions): 6 from A-main and 3 from B-main. Undoubtedly it was a competition among world champions, about “who would win out the championship”, it would depend on the performance & luck of drivers on the last day of the event.

 According to the ranking based on the results of preliminaries/qualifying, Alexander was the first to start at the finals, followed by Naoto, Akio (Naoto’s teammate), Bruno, Viktor and Marc. It raised everyone’s concern as the situation was so serious that any mistake might result in losing chance of standing on the podium.

On the final day, the A-mains of the Modified & Stock classes attracted
people (at the site) to walk closer to the track to watch the fierce competition.

Alexander Hagberg, Hobbywing driver, TQ’d and won the
championship in the Modified class at this event .

Max Machler, Hobbywing driver, TQ’d and won the championship in the Stock 13.5T class at this event.

Thanks to Hagberg and Machler for helping Hobbywing TQ and win the 2019 TITC championships in the Modified & Stock 13.5T classes and thanks to those people who work behind the scene for providing us such a wonderful & successful event, we know that no win can be achieved without drivers’ hard works, no competition can be successfully held without the efforts of those people who work behind the scene. In return, Hobbywing has been and will continue providing excellent products and in-time and reliable technical supports for users at the track.