New Firmware for the XeRun AXE Power System is Released
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2019-06-01  

New firmware (01-00.2.01) for the XeRun AXE ESC has

improved the following features:
1.RPM/Throttle  New Feature Added - RPM/Throttle Matching  - 3 Settings.
Matching, allows you to adjust the way your system will react to changes in load/terrain on trail. The setting can be used to create a "brushed motor" feel.  If you like the way a brush motor drives, use setting #1.  Setting #2 (Default) is like the original ESC. Setting #3, improves the consistency of the motor RPM over different loads.
2.New Setup Process - Automatic Motor Pairing
Improved these Issues: like loose rear endplate, severe impact, or abnormal heat (during the operation)
abnormal power output occurs to the motor. This process allows you to reset your motor F.O.C. for the update and calibrates the motor sensors to the firmware. See below for complete details and the simple walk through. 
3.Motor "punch" or instant start up -
The motors response to instant throttle inputs, or "clicking" to full throttle has been improved.
4.Drag Brake -
Minor changes to how the drag brake operates to to be more smooth and responsive.
5.Motor Operation
Improved high rpm efficiency. 
6.More RPM
Overall, slight gains in RPM, and basic performance
7.550 Size Motor 
Update includes additions for the new AXE 550 size 2700 and 3300 kv motors

1) Update the firmware version to 01-00.2.01, the AXE ESC must be connected AXE 540 motor.
2) You must do the “automatic motor pairing” (as explained below) when updated the ESC firmware, and these are the steps of “Automatic Motor Pairing”:
Step1: The ESC must be connected correctly to your AXE motor.
Step2: Unplug the ESC's Input Harness from the Receiver.
Step3: Remove the Pinion Gear from the motor, or remove the wheels, but the effect won't be that good.
Step4: Connect a fully charged battery to the ESC
Step5: Turn on the ESC. The RED led will blink after the self-test. 
Step6: Press, and Hold (about 3 seconds) the set button until the GREEN light comes on. Release the button.
What happens next - When the Green Light comes on, the motor will begin to operate.  It will operate through a basic range for a few seconds, then it will operate at a fixed RPM. Once completed the motor will stop operating and the ESC will beep. Automatic Motor Pairing is now completed.  The ESC will automatically re-start. After that, please re-plug the Harness into the receiver, and then the power system will be ready