2019·SIGP Flat Road Grand Prix and Hobbywing Cup ended perfectly
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2019-11-26  

Last weekend, 2019·SIGP & Hobbywing Cup ended at Xiamen Three Circle ARC International telecar racetrack. Hobbywing power accounted for all the champions in 1 / 10 electric RV project, the ratio of using Hobbywing power is above 75%.

Top 10 of Modify A group

Top 10 of Stock A group

Top 10 of Sport A group

Bruno used XeRun XR10 Pro G2 ESC and V10 G3 4.5T motor, giving full play to the power. Big straight road Turbo makes tail speed faster. The coordination of the flexibility value in the curve makes every bend in and out handy. No matter how fierce the operation is, Hobby power system can keep good output, providing the best weapon for winning.

XeRun XR10 Pro G2 ESC and V10 G3 4.5T motor

In Stock A group, both of Max and Dominic used XeRun XR10 Pro G2 ESC and V10 G3R 13.5T motor. Although the power equipment is the same, the settings can be different. The player can choose the most suitable power settings according to their operation habits and frame. At last, Dominic won the champion and Max won the second place.

XeRun XR10 Pro G2+V10 G3R 13.5T 

The Sport group is XeRun XR10 Justock 17.5T power pack, the angle of entry can't be adjusted. With all the players have the same power equipment, they can only win by their own skill. At last, Gao Liliang from Shanghai won the champion.

Here is a picture.

2019·SIGP & Hobbywing Cup

Hobbywing’s best drivers for 1/10 electric RV.