XeRun 4268-4274 G3 is on the market._Product Release_HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

XeRun 4268-4274 G3 is on the market.
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2021-01-15  

"In line with the principle of constantly striving for perfection, pursuing higher quality and performance, HobbyWing has launched the third-generation products in the field of 1/8 sensored brushless motor——XeRun 4268/4274 SD G3

Compared with the previous two generations, the performance and appearance of the third-generation products have been greatly improved and changed.


G3 series motor introduces two appearance styles of large opening and no opening

The large opening can provide good heat dissipation. It can play better performance on 1/8 Pancar and 1/8 on-road track. There are 4268 2000KV and 4268 2800KV covered by the large opening.

No opening can provide better protection grade (IP5X). It can protect the motor from being damaged on dusty 1/8 off-road track. There are 4268 1900KV, 4268 2200KV and 4274 2250KV covered by no opening.


Compared with XERUN 4268/4274 G2 motor, the structure is greatly optimized, the efficiency is improved by about 6%, and the temperature rise of motor (reduce heating) is effectively reduced. Meanwhile, on the premise of improving the performance of 4268SD G3, the design is optimized which extremely reduce the weight of motor. 1900KV / 2200KV is 20g/45g lighter than peer 4268.

The mechanical Turbo timing can be adjusted between 20-40°in CW/CCW. It can start Turbo timing technology when matching with XeRun XR8 series of ESC. When matching with XR8 G2 ESC and Turbo is set to max. 48°, the max. speed can be promoted by 50%, which makes the motor release maximum power instantly and easily win the rival.
(XeRun XR8 PRO G2 will be launched in February.)

With the patent technology of "error-free" Hall sensor system and the built-in chip, the motor can work in the “Sensored” mode at all times when matching with XeRun XR8 series of ESC. The low cogging effect provides better manipulating performance and delicate feel.

The motor is already on the market.
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