HobbyWing and Bruno Coelho will renew their contract for four years.
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2021-01-30  

The Portuguese driver Bruno Coelho of the Hobbywing International Racing Team has recently renewed a four-year sponsorship contract with Hobbywing Technology. Bruno joined Hobbywing team in 2016. In the past five years, the two sides have worked closely together to win two world championships, two European championships and multiple TITC, IIC, ETS, EOS titles.

Regarding the renewal, Bruno said: "I´m really happy to continue with Hobbywing. I´m sure Hobbywing is the best electronic company at the moment as they have great performance, professionalism and competitivity. I´m looking forward to work with them in the next few years."

Although a large number of RC events have been suspended in the special year of 2020, Hobbywing Technology still supports all the contracted drivers uninterruptedly and completed the renewal of all drivers in early 2021. The team lineup remains stable.