Galloping track. Peak showdown. Hobbywing’s XeRun XR8 PRO G2 ESC is on the market._Product Release_HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

Galloping track. Peak showdown. Hobbywing’s XeRun XR8 PRO G2 ESC is on the market.
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2021-02-04  

Born for the track and the champion, XR8 series of flagship products will rock you. Powerful software functions and solid hardware foundation provide strong power for the car. That is XeRun XR8 PRO G2"


Powerful output

The continuous current of the just launched XeRun XR8 PRO G2 ESC is up to 200A and the peak current is up to 1080A. The continuous output current of BEC is up to 6A and the peak current is up to 15A. The voltage can be adjustable between 6-8.4V. There is sufficient power on both wheel and steering servo.

When matching with XeRun 4268/4274 G3 motor, it can run in the “Sensored” mode all the time, the manipulating feel is very delicate. When the turbo is set to 48 degrees, the maximum speed can be increased by 50%, easily surpassing the rivals.


Powerful hardware

The ESC has capacitor overheating protection function and circuit reverse connection protection function, which effectively prevent the ESC from damaging due to overload and reverse connection of battery. The IP5X protection grade can effectively prevent dust.

The externally connected OTA Bluetooth module can establish a wireless connection between the mobile phone and the ESC to set parameters, read data, upgrade firmware and other operations. It can also check the current throttle amount, voltage, current, temperature, RPM and other data in real time, so as to easily know the running status of ESC and motor.


Powerful software

The ESC has up to 29 adjustable parameter items, which is far superior to the previous two generations of products, including throttle PWM frequency, braking frequency, flexibility, Boost/Turbo timing commonly used by 1/10 power system, which can accurately adjust the power demand, let players enjoy the best manipulating experience.

Meanwhile, the ESC adopts a brand-new communication protocol. It is faster to set parameters and upgrade firmware. The speed matching with LCD G2 setting box is 2 times faster than matching with G1, and the speed matching with the OTA Bluetooth module is 3-4 times faster than that matching with the WiFi module.

(A picture to see all the differences)