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  • UBEC 10A-Car

    Part Number : 30603003
    Model: UBEC 10A-Car

  • UBEC 5A

    Model:UBEC 5A

  • S.BUS2 Telemetry Adapter for Futaba

    Part Number: 30850500
    Size: 25x13x6mm

    Some of Platinum V4/V4.1/V5 series aircraft ESC ;
    Some of XERUN series of car ESCs.
    * For details, please refer to ESC manual to ensure if the ESC can work with this device.

  • OTA Programmer

    Product Number: 30850400
    Working Voltage: 5-12.6V
    Supported Bluetooh Version: ≥ 4.0
    Effective Range: 0-5m (Open Field)
    Applications: work on the XERUN series, EZRUN series of car ESCs, and the Platinum series of aircraft ESCs, and SEAKING PRO series of boat ESCs.

  • UBEC 25A HV

    Product Number: 30606000

  • Signal Coupler

    Part Number:  30850200
    Size:  45.4x11.6x7.7mm(LxWxH)
    Only for OPTO version

  • Multifunction LCD Program Box

    Part Number:  30502001
    Size:  91x51x17mm (LxWxH)

    Platinum series of brushless aircraft ESCs, XeRun series &EzRun series of brushless car ESCs, Seaking Pro series of brushless boat ESCs

  • LED Program Box_General

    Part Number : 30501003
    Size : 88x58x14mm(LxWxH)

    Applications :
    Platinum V1/V2 series & FlyFun V5 Series of brushless aircraft ESCs
    XeRun series (most), EzRun series & QuicRun series of brushless car ESCs
    Seaking series of brushless boat ESCs

  • LED Program Card

    Part Number: 86020041
    Size: 88x58x14mm(LxWxH)

    FlyFun series & SkyWalker series of aircraft ESCs

  • 1S DC DC Booster

    Part Number: 30601000
    Size: 28.0x26.8x11.8mm (LxWxH)

    1/12th scale car race

  • UBEC 3A (2-6S)

    Part Number: 86010010
    Size: 43x17x7mm (LxWxH)


  • UBEC 8A (2-3S)

    Part Number: 86010030
    Size: 42x39x9mm (LxWxH)

    Nitro helicopters (30 class above) & large scale fixed wing

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