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Newly Designed Shape

A brand new structural design that is enclosed within an
exquisite solid plastic case that provides the all-round security
and protection for the ESC. The newly designed ESC
can be easily placed into a carbon-fiber tube with the I. D. of 23mm.

Newly Designed Shape

Auto Timing Adjustment & Preset Parameters for Highly
Intelligent Operation

Auto timing adjustment and preset parameters
applicable to most applications extremely
simplify operation and optimize user experience.

Extremely Simplified
Operational Procedure

Special Core Program for Rapid Throttle

The multi-rotor has made the demand over ESC response become even harsher than usual.
Our newly special core program for rapid throttle response rate means a more stable hover and
swift movement during flight. With the XRotor 3D and Pro series ESC’s new rapid response rate,
the ESC can handle difficult and new challenges at ease.

Rapid Throttle

Driving Efficiency Optimization(DEO)
Technology for Better Performance

Driving Efficiency Optimization (DEO) Technology is adopted for a higher driving efficiency

lower working

longer flight and
better throttle linearity

Open Cooling Fin

A high-performance aluminum folded fin heat sink is combined
with the specially designed heat-conductive slotted structure that
brings excellent heat-dissipating effect. This is an Extremely
Simplified Operational Procedure.

Open Cooling Fin

Open Cooling Fin