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SkyWalkwer 80A UBEC

SkyWalkwer 60A UBEC

SkyWalkwer 30A

SkyWalkwer 20A

SkyWalkwer 12A (RTF)

SkyWalkwer 12AE (RTF)

SkyWalker Quattro 25AX4

High Quality & Reliability

Good quality comoponents guarantees the high quality and reliability of
SkyWalker series of aircraft ESCs.

High Quality
& Reliability

Programmable Parameters

With a LED program card, then you can program relevant
parameters on your Skywalker to your personal preference.

Programmable Parameters

SkyWalker 60A UBEC

Multiple Protections

Multiple protection features include abnomal input voltage,
ESC thermal, throttle signal loss (or Fail Safe), and low voltage cutoff effectively
prolongs the service life of the ESC.

Multiple Protections

SkyWalker Quattro 25AX4

Besisdes all the good qualities of SkyWalker series,
this ESC also has something other SkyWalker ESCs don’t have
----the 4-in-1 desgin, which greatly simplifies wiring,
is very applicable to fixed-wing aircraft driven by
multiple motors and entry-level multirotors.