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Platinum 25A V4 & Platinum 40A V4

Excellent Motor Governing Speed

High-performance 32-bit processor with a running frequency of 72MHz
combined with advanced algorithm optimizes the speed governing.
Together with the adjustable governor parameters guarantees every
pilot a precise control experience

Excellent Motor
Governing speed

High Voltage Built-in BEC

The built-in switch mode BEC with an adjustable voltage (6V/7.4V for the Platinum
25A V4, 5V~8V with the step of 0.1V for the Platinum 40A V4), a continuous current
of over 3A/7A (3A for the Platinum 25A V4, 7A for the Platinum 40A V4) and a peak
current of 7A/18A (7A for the Platinum 25A V4, 18A for the Platinum 40A V4) can
supply enough power for your servos to operate efficiently.

High voltage
built-in BEC

Platinum 40A V4

DEO Technology

The DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization, or so called "Active Freewheeling")
technology implemented in the ESC has multiple advantages.
● Quicker response to the throttle change.
● Higher driving efficiency, longer flight time.
● Lower ESC temperature and a more reliable operation.

Rapider throttle

Higher efficiency and
longer flight time

temperature rise

Platinum 25A V4

Reverse Brake

With the Reverse Brake mode enabled when landing can effectively
shorten the sliding distance of the fixed-wing aircraft to simulate the
landing of a real aircraft (within a super short distance). The Normal
Brake Mode, Proportional Brake mode, and Brake Disabled mode are
also available; the brake amount is adjustable in normal brake mode
while in proportional brake mode, the brake force will be automatically
allotted on the basis of the position of radio throttle stick.

Multiple Protections

Multiple protection features include, ESC thermal,
capacitor thermal (HOBBYWING-patented
technology), ESC overload, throttle signal loss
(or Fail Safe), and low voltage cutoff effectively
prolongs the service life of the ESC.

Multiple Protections

Start-up Protection

ESC Thermal


Overload Protection

Abnormal Input
Voltage Protection

Throttle Signal
Loss Protection

Other Features

A separate programming port for connecting the programmer on this ESC allows user to
● Program ESC,
● check flight data include minimum voltage, maximum temperature, standardized RPM
and speed curve (in Heli Governing Store mode) of the flight data recorded by the ESC,
● Upgrade ESC firmware With a multifunction LCD program box or a Wi-Fi Module & our
Apple/Android phone App.

Other Features

Platinum 25A V4