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Elegant Look & Powerful Core Component

Elegant metal case helps dissipate heat and reduce electromagnetic interference.
High-efficient DC-DC voltage-regulating chip pairs with the specially designed circuit
hardware for the conversion efficiency of over 90%. Continuous current of 25A
(w/ peak current of up to 50A) meets various application requirements.

Elegant Look &
PowerfulCore Component

Various Functions & Different Applications

External switch allows users to easily switch on/off the UBEC. Wide voltage range
allows the main power supply ranges from 3S to 18S LiPo to be connected to the
UBEC. Output voltage adjustable between 5.0V, 6.0V, 7.4V and 8.4Vmeets
different voltage requirements. Up to 8 channels of outputs (in parallel) can endure
higher current. And the internal LED indicators can indicate the working status or
abnormalities of the UBEC.

Various Functions &
Different Applications

Multiple Protections

UBEC shoot-through protection, which prevents the
voltage of the main power supply from directly flowing
to the output end of the UBEC and causing any
damage to the connected electronic device when the
UBEC is accidentally damaged, plus the protections
like over-current, (output end) short-circuit, overheat,
low-voltage cutoff guarantee safety and reliability.

Multiple Protections

Backup Power Supply

Backup power supply switching-in function allows the electronic device connected
to the UBEC to get power directly from the backup power supply to guarantee the
continuation of the normal operation when the main power supply connected to the
UBEC is damaged or the UBEC fails to function due to internal faults.

Backup Power Supply