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X6 Power System for Agricultural Drones

Integrated powertrain, ready to use

Integrated powertrain solution with motor, ESC, blade, and motor holder helps
for easy installation and usage. A tube diameter converter can be purchased separately,
which can be matched with 30mm, using 2388 folding propeller, single shaft load 3-5kg,
Six-axis load 10kg.

The power of integration

The OPTIMIZATION OF THE PMSM algorithm based on FOC
Creates the perfect power system

PMSM has a larger power density. lower noise, smaller in size and smaller moment of inertia and pulsation
compared to BLDC. The advantages of small moment and high control accuracy are based on the PMSM
optimization calculation of FOC (Field Oriented Control) method for the ESC, motor and propeller
for a strict and perfect match. This results in the motor and the propeller to be more balanced,
and a power system with high stability, reliability and efficiency.

Smarter and more compatible

Intelligent multiple redundant protection, real-time output of operating data

The X6 power system is equipped with several protection functions such as: Power-on self-test, Power-on voltage abnormal protection,
Current protection and Stall protection.It is able to output an operating status data to the flight controller in real time including;
input throttle amount, response throttle volume motor speed, bus voltage, bus current, phase current, capacitor temperature and MOS
tube temperature, etc. This allows the flight controller to grasp the electronics in real-time during operation to improve the flight performance and efficiency. It improves the overall system reliability.
Note: Using the Hobbywing Data Link data acquisition memory (Note: need to
be purchased separately) can simultaneously collect the real-time
operation data of the 8-channel power system, and pass it to
the flight controller through the bus interface to
form a closed-loop control system.

Intelligent multiple redundant protection,
real-time output of operating data





Super protection, easy to cope with the harsh environment of plant protection

The X6 powertrain is IPX7 waterproofing rated and has drainage channels for liquids and debris.
Note: Patented design. Rinse with water directly after usage without any problem. It is able to
cope working in harsh environment such as in the rain, pesticide salt spray, high temperature, sand, and dust.

High lift, high efficiency propeller

The 2388 propeller is injection molded from high-strength special carbon fiber materials. It is strong and has
a lightweight paddle body to provide good consistency and superior dynamic balance characteristics.
The aerodynamic shape optimized by experts, together with the electromagnetic design of the motor optimized
for the propeller, and the efficient FOC (field-oriented control, commonly known as sine wave drive) algorithm,
makes the entire power system advantages in lift and force efficiency.

Thermal optimization

High-brightness LED display light, at a glance

The X6 integrated power system comes with a ultra-bright LED display light.
The user can set the light color or turn off the display light.
The display light can prompt the working status information
of the power system, issue an early warning signal when it
is abnormal, and improve the safety factor of the system.

LED display light

Highlight LED display light

Robust and reliable, extremely impact resistant

The use of high-strength aluminum alloy material precision processing optimizes structural design and strengthens the protection of the motor components. The motor will be extremely strong, and anti-fall impact ability reduces the probability of any failure due to the impact of the fall. The deformation structure and cannot be used.

Robust and reliable,
extremely impact resistant

Modular design, easy maintenance

Modular design, when the power system is damaged, customers can quickly replace the integrated system (ESC + motor),
paddle blade (single piece or pair), paddle clip. The maintenance time is shortened and it improves work efficiency.

Support system upgrades

Hobbywing allows you to update your ESC to the latest firmware and synchronize it using a computer via the Hobbywing
DataLink software (Note: need to be purchased separately) at all times.