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2.4G Communication + PA Module
for Double Safety

The 2.4G communication, PA module (for signal amplification) and FHSS
(Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum implemented by the remote
guarantee signals’ stability and users’ safety.

Double Safety

Signal Indicator

Gear Button

Power Button

Skateboard Battery Level Indicator

Remote Wheel for

Direction Switch

Remote Battery Level Indicator

USB Port

Compact Structure Design

The small remote, which implemented the 2.4G bi-directional
communication, is specially designed to pair the FOC ESC. It
features a series of functions like forward/backward direction switch,
gear switch, remote battery level indication, and skateboard battery
level indication. Two warning modes: LED flashing & vibration remind
users of possible issue(s). And the hand-held design makes the
interactive mode clear and simple.

Small Size

Remote for Skateboard HW6136

Remote for Skateboard HW6132

Remote for Skateboard HW6123


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