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Keep improving to pursue perfect.
Build performance to the limit for racing

Hobbywing’s R&D Department cooperated with Japanese Takuma Sasaki, Jin
Sawada and other international famous drivers to develop and test continuously.
After hundreds of improvements, the performance has been built to the limit for
racing. It has already made a success in the racing. G3R JMRCA motor won the first
place and third place in the Stock 13.5T project of Japanese National Championship.

Build extreme
for competition

Power and Rev have been greatly increased

Compared with V10 G3 JMRCA motor, the stator structure of G3R JMRCA motor is
greatly optimized. The torque and max. output power are increased by 12.7% and
11% separately. The Rev is greatly increased. High torque, Rev and power make it
a fabulous model of Stock racing.

Power and Rev have
been greatly increased

First-class linearity.
Excellent controlling feel

High sensitivity and low error HALL sensor. High performance
and high consistency rotor which all passed full inspection of
Motolyser test to attain the best performance.

First-class linearity.
Excellent controlling feel

Excellent heat dissipation performance

No ring ouside the intermediate part of motor. Stator core in the air can fully
dissipate heat. The front and rear end caps with big opening to ensure excellent
heat dissipation performance of the motor.

Excellent heat dissipation

Re-buildable Structure

The detachable structure design for regular cleaning
& maintenance will effectively prolong the service
life of the motor and retain its efficiency.


Exploded View of XeRun V10 G3R JMRCA

High quality material ensures motor performance

The motor is designed as detachable structure which is convenient to dialy clean and maintain.
It effectively prolongs the service life of motor and keep the working efficiency.

High quality material
ensures motor performance

Heat(180℃)-resistant rotor with strong structure

Compliance with JMRCA Rules

The design of product meets the requirements of JMRCA racing motor.