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X9 MAX Power System for Agricultural Drones

15KG large load application

The new X9-MAXpowertrain breaks through the disruption of up to 15kg/axis.
With 36-inch composite aviation folding blades, the maximum pulling force
is 29kg (Can be matched with 40-inch propeller, higher efficiency).
The motor adopts the 9 series large load motor from Hobbywing.
The electromagnetic design and system optimization of the 15kg single-axis load are fixed
with the FOC ESC algorithm of the plant protection application.

15KG large
load application

Efficiency & Performance Dual Layer Optimization

The stator core structure from the motor has been redesigned to reduce the internal resistance and
increase the overall efficiency rate. Additionally, the weight of the motor is reduced to improve the
overall performance.By adopting the FOC(Field Oriented Control) vector control drive technology
with fixed-point optimization, the drive efficiency and the battery life are further improved.
The factory chooses high quality large bearing system (bearing) to increase load capacity.
This would mean that the structure of the diameter axis will be increased to give better
rigidity, longer life and is not easily deformed.

Efficiency & Performance Dual Layer

structural design

The X9-MAXis three-dimensional and designed with an integrated motor and ESC as one.
The installation of the lightweight structure is convenient and can be matched
with the circular carbon fiber tube(40mm/45mm).

structural design

Protection class IPX7

The X9-Max is equipped with an overall waterproofing protection of IPX7 rating. It guarantees excellent waterproofing and
dustproofing protection. The X9-Max is anti-corrosive and is fully sealed to cope with harsh environment
and climates around the world.

Protection class IPX7

Rapid cooling, collision-proof structure design

The motor torque efficiency improves tremendously under high-power load usage.
The rotor widens the air duct from the fan and reduces the current and heat
under the same tensile composite; The anti-impact design of the tail end
of the motor seat absorbs the impact to protect the motor and ESC and
reduces the damage caused by a crash or faulty components.

Rapid cooling,
collision-proof structure design

Navigation lights

More power failures are added into the system in order to find the fault.
The flashing display of the flight lights will indicate the issue and
users are able to troubleshoot them in QuickTime.

Navigation lights

Blinking when the problem

Multiple protection functions.

The X9-MAX power system is equipped with several protection functions such as:
Power-on self-test, Power-on voltage abnormal protection, Current protection
and Stall protection. It is able to output an operating status data to the
flight controller in real time including; input throttle amount, response
throttle volume motor speed, bus voltage, bus current, phase current,
capacitor temperature and MOSFET temperature, etc. This allows the flight
controller to grasp the electronics in real-time during operation to
improve the flight performance and efficiency. It improves the overall
system reliability.
Note: Using the Hobbywing DataLink data acquisition
memory (Note: need to be purchased separately) can
simultaneously collect the real-time operation data
of the 8-channel power system, and pass it to the
flight controller through the bus interface to
form a closed-loop control system.

Multiple protection functions.


Current protection

Start-up Protection

Over-load Protection

Support system upgrades

Hobbywing allows you to update your ESC to the latest firmware and synchronize it using a
computer via the Hobbywing Data Link software at all times.