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Built-in polarity protection

One danger that all electrical systems face is a reversed polarity from
the power source. This can be caused by a short circuit, or usually,
incidentally reversing the terminals.
The XR10 Justock is integrated using MOSFET. If the battery terminals
are connected in reverse, the MOSFET will be reverse-biased and will
not allow current to flow through the system.

Built-in polarity

Built-in capacitor module

The built-in capacitor module eliminates the need for external capacitors
and unwanted space.

Built-in capacitor

RPM speed limit function

The ESC is able to support up to 6 different speed (RPM) selections to meet the
needs and demands of various competitions in the world. It can be programmed
through using the latest OTA Bluetooth module or the traditional 3in1 program box.

RPM speed
limit function

Zero timing competition design

The internal timing of the ESC is fixed at 0 degrees and cannot be adjusted.
It is specifically built for zero timing races around the world.

Zero timing
competition design

Built-in BEC supporting
high-voltage steering gear

The ESC has a built-in BEC which can support a
maximum output current of up to 8A and the output
voltage at either 6V or 7.4V. This will ensure
constant power supplied to today’s high-torque
servos in the market.

Built-in BEC supporting
high-voltage steering gear

Built-in BEC supporting
high-voltage steering gear

User-friendly and convenient for set-up

The ease of having a dedicated programming port eliminates the trouble of
plugging and unplugging the cable to the receiver. In addition, the interface can
power additional fans to further dissipate heat. The user-friendly interface allows
for easy and convenient setup by simply connecting the 3in1 LCD programming
box or OTA Bluetooth module to the dedicated programming port.

User-friendly and
convenient for set-up

Protection functions

The various protection functions have greatly
improved the reliability and durability of the ESC.

Protection functions

Reverse polarity protection

Battery low
voltage protection

Motor temperature

Locked rotor protection

Signal lost

ESC temperature

Single programming and RESET design button

The ESC is designed with a single built-in SET button. Calibrating or doing a factory-reset can
be achieved by using this SET button. Simple and easy to use.

Single programming
and RESET design button

Single programming
and RESET design button

Support bi-directional motor movement

The ESC supports both CCW (counterclockwise) and CW (clockwise) motor
rotational directions for different usage on the market.

Support bi-directional
motor movement

Motor Direction: CCW(Counterclockwise)

Motor Direction: CW(Clockwise)

Support ESC firmware upgrade

Hobbywing engineers are constantly innovating and pushing
the limits of its products. Enjoy the latest functions by
upgrading to the latest firmware. Simply connect the ESC
using either the HW LINK App via the OTA Bluetooth module
or the USB LINK software through the computer.

Support ESC
firmware upgrade