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X11-14S/18S Power System for Agricultural Drones

Large agricultural drone power series - X11

High pressure drive & high thrust force
The power system from the X11-14S series has a maximum thrust force of 34kg at 54V. By reducing the
operating current and the weight of the electronical connection, the X11 is able to achieve a large
load of thrust to ensure stability and reliability of the system. It also supports high-voltage
batteries (3.85v) of up to 60.9V.

High pressure drive
& high thrust force

Protection class IPX7

The X11 is equipped with an overall waterproofing protection of IPX7 rating. It guarantees excellent waterproofing and dustproofing protection. The X11 is anti-corrosive and is fully sealed to cope with harsh environment and climates around the world.

Protection class IPX7

Electrical & structural performance double optimization

The iron core structure from the motor has been redesigned to reduce the internal resistance and increase the overall efficiency rate. Additionally, the weight of the motor is reduced to improve the overall performance.By adopting the FOC vector control drive technology with fixed-point optimization, the drive efficiency and the battery life are further improved. The factory chooses high quality large bearing system (6002) to increase load capacity. This would mean that the structure of the diameter shalf will be increased to give better rigidity, longer life and is not easily deformed.

upgrade iron core platform

Enrich the language of navigation lights

More power failures are added into the system in order to find the fault.
The flashing display of the flight lights will indicate the issue and users
are able to troubleshoot them in QuickTime.

Enrich the language
of navigation lights

Tiled integrated structure for enhanced heat
dissipation & lower center of gravity

X11 series power system adopts a newly integrated structural design. The overall CG is reduced
and is lowered by 10mm. The overall flight will be more stable. The compatibility of rack
equipment will be greater. The ESC & motor heat dissipation are designed separately to
improve the overall heat dissipation effect of the system. Compared to the X9, the
new X11 will operate at a lower temperature (20% ~ 25%). This ensures that the
large heavy-duty UAVs carries out a safe and stabilized operation at all times.

:tiled integrated

System anti-interference upgrade

The new layout of the PCB is optimized in order to cope with high power interference. The data communication signal line adopts a fully shielded bundle line, and the working data uses CAN/serial port data transmission, which improves the overall anti-external interference and high-current interference performance.

System anti-interference upgrade

Multiple protection functions

X11 power system is equipped with several protection functions
such as: Power-on self-test, Power-on voltage abnormal protection,
Current protection and Stall protection.It is able to output an
operating status data to the flight controller in real time including;
input throttle amount, response throttle volume motor speed, bus voltage,
bus current, phase current, capacitor temperature and MOS tube temperature,
etc. This allows the flight controller to grasp the electronics in real-time
during operation to improve the flight performance and efficiency.
It improves the overall system reliability.
Note: Using the Hobbywing Data Link data acquisition memory
(Note: need to be purchased separately) can simultaneously
collect the real-time operation data of the 8-channel power
system, and pass it to the flight controller through the
bus interface to form a closed-loop control system.

Multiple Protections





Support system upgrades

Hobbywing allows you to update your ESC to the latest firmware and synchronize it using a computer via the Hobbywing Data Link software at all times.

Support system upgrades