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Silent Constant current stability

Advanced and Safty E-power Switch
Long lifespan,Waterproof,Dustproof,Impact resistant
300A-14S/18S High-pressure Safety E-power Switch

Advanced electronical switch

The advanced electronical switches are waterproofed, dustproofed and are impact resistant
to increase its lifespan. Control the on/off switch at any time to avoid the possibility
of the motor moving.
Note: After the switch is turned on, it will take approximately 4 seconds before it is powered on.

Switch control

High voltage, high current

Supports high-voltage lithium polymer battery (standard voltage 3.85V), and up to 14S, 18S,
respectively. Up to 300A current can be used continuously in the heat dissipation
conditions of 5m/s wind speed.

High voltage,
high current


300A current can be used continuously

Anti-Spark technology
4S The delayed power-on technology

The delayed power-on technology is a clever application which takes approximately 4 seconds
to be fully energized after power is turned on.It completely eliminates sparks and noises
generated during the power-up process and increase the longevity of the ESC.


IP67 protection, All-weather operational

Adopting the full glue encapsulation process, the protection level reaches IP67,
and it is able to handle various harsh environments.

IP67 protection,
All-weather operational

Long lifespan

Industrial grade materials, 1000+ hours of continuous power testing,
300+ hours of continuous flight testing, multi-item strict testing
to ensure flight safety.

Long lifespan


H Ageing testing


H Flight testing