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XERUN XR10 Justock G3 Handout

Built to fair race
The XR10 Justock G3-Handout ESC,
together with Justock-Handout motor are designed for fair and competitive racing.
The reliable characteristics of the HOBBYWING electronics ensures safe operation
and consistent power output over a long period of time.
Built to fair race
RPM speed limit function
Supports 6-speed RPM speed limit value selection and is able to match different motor
speed to meet the speed limit requirements of various levels of competition
and different vehicle on the market; the RPM speed limit value gear can be
identified through the ESC indicator; accurate speed limit Algorithms
ensures smooth throttle control.
RPM speed limit function
Zero timing
competition design
The internal timing of the ESC is fixed at 0 degrees and cannot be adjusted.
It is specifically built for zero timing races around the world.
Zero timing competition design
Support bi-directional
motor movement
The ESC supports both CCW (counterclockwise) and
CW (clockwise) motor rotational directions
for different usage on the market.
Support bi-directional
motor movement
Built-in polarity protection
One danger that all electrical systems face is a reversed polarity from the power source.
This can be caused by a short circuit,
or usually, incidentally reversing the terminals.
The ESC is integrated using MOSFET.
If the battery terminals are connected in reverse,
the MOSFET will be reverse-biased and will not allow current
to flow through the system.
Built-in polarity protection
Built-in capacitor
The built-in capacitor module eliminates
the need for external capacitors
and unwanted space.
Built-in capacitor module
Built-in BEC supporting
high-voltage servo
The ESC has a built-in BEC which can support a maximum
output current of up to 8A and the output voltage at either 6V or 7.4V.
This will ensure constant power supplied
to today’s high-torque servos in the market.
Maximum output current of up to
Built-in BEC
User-friendly and
convenient for set-up
The ease of having a dedicated programming port eliminates
the trouble of plugging and unplugging the cable to the receive r.
In addition, the interface can power additional fans to
further dissipate heat.
The user-friendly interface allows for easy and
convenient setup by simply connecting the 3in1 LCD
programming box or OTA Bluetooth module to
the dedicated programming port.
dedicated programming port