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H60A(2in1)-14S-FOC/BLDC -V1

Vertical 2-in-1 ESC

The ESC is built-in with two independent output to drive two motors at the same time.
It optimizes space for wiring and makes installation convenient;
The overall weight is reduced to make it an ideal choice for vertical
take-off and landing drones and coaxial motor applications.
Note: This ESC is also suitable for multi-rotor applications!
IP55 protection, CAN bus communication, FOC drive, BLDC drive, lightweight

IP55 protection class

IP55 protection level is achieved with the use of nano-coating of the PCB circuit board,
together with an aluminum alloy case. The protection level also meets the environmental
tasks of various UAVs in different regions. Aluminum alloy case, nano-coated circuit board

CAN bus communication and Real-time data output

Capacitor temperature and other operating output data are sent to the flight control to achieve
the effect of real-time monitoring of the UAV power system. The data will stored in the black box
for accident analysis.
Note: CAN bus communication has the advantages of strong real-time performance, long
transmission distance, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, strong error detection
ability, and adaptability to high noise interference environment.

Two types of drivers, free to match

BLDC - High Efficiency Compatible with square wave drive technology, plug and play.
FOC - Precise and efficient vector control, low temperature, fast response, low,
noise, low interference, linear throttle, precise control, kinetic energy recovery.