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Two types of drivers, free to match

BLDC - High Efficiency Compatible with square wave drive technology, plug and play.
FOC - Precise and efficient vector control, low temperature, fast response, low noise,
low interference, linear throttle, precise control, kinetic energy recovery.

High efficiency

BLDC——The DEO synchronous rectification technology ensures better efficiency by 10%.
The temperature will be reduced further by 10℃ than with the use of traditional square wave ESC.
FOC——FOC drive is field-oriented control (vector control).
The efficiency is higher, and the throttle linearity is better.

Protection class IP55

By using lightweight nano-coating, together with an integrated aluminum alloy shell,
the waterproof and dustproof is graded at IP55 class.
*Customizable IP67 protection

Intelligent protection, fault storage

Power-on self-test, undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection,
throttle signal loss protection, infinite restart, etc. According to the real-time working
conditions, the ESC intelligently protect the flight safety of the drone.
*The ESC has its own fault storage function for fault analysis.






Excellent heat dissipation performance

Heat is dissipated quickly with large-area of heat sinks on the aluminum alloy
case and an excellent layout of the hardware.

Anti-interference protection

The throttle signal can be fully isolated. The shielded cable on the BLDC to isolate external interference
FOC is compatible with the above functions and has CAN digital throttle + PWM throttle.

Information and Communication

Fast data transmission and real-time acquisition of key information such as ESC status, speed, throttle,
current, voltage, MOSFET temperature, and capacitor temperature can be achieved using the black box function.
Data analysis is clear at a glance with the use of DATALINK box.
BLDC serial communication, high transmission rate, can be used quickly.
FOC-CAN bus communication has a strong performance in real-time, long transmission
distance and strong anti-interference ability, and is able to communicate with
flight control in real-time.

Quick upgrade

The latest software from Hobbywing can be updated with the use of DATALINK box equipment.

*Support flight control remote upgrade (optional)