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Aesthetically Appealing
The Fusion SE provides an integrated space-saving design for
builders. With a 58mm length, the Fusion SE has been shortened
slightly to allow it to fit into more vehicles.
Integrated design
FOC Powered
with proven design heritage
FOC has been a game changer for the crawling segm
ent. The extreme efficiency operates at lower temps and provides extended
runtimes. The nearly silent operation provides amazing power and
response at all speeds while providing extremely low RPM control.
Compared to normal brushless, FOC systems provide a dramatic
increase in response and power delivery.
Efficient operation
Low operating temperatures
High torque at low and high speeds
Quiet operation
FOC Powered
Smart torque output and closed loop control.
Amazing control on climbs and descents.
Intelligent Torque Output
The smart torque output control feature of the built-in
FOC ESC ensures unmatched downhill and uphill
driving. The ESC can automatically adjust the motor
output to RPM to match the driver inputs.
Intelligent Torque Output is a smart management system
that allows the ESC to adjust the motor for inclines or
descent under any load to match the throttle.
Drag brake force
Drag brake
Rate adjustment
Drag brakes are 2
times stronger than
comparable systems
U- matched hill holding
With 8 levels of drag brake force (Power) and 9 levels of
Drag Brake Rate, drivers can fine-tune their vehicle’s
hill-holding power and general driving. Overall, drag brakes
can be 2 times stronger than normal brushless setups.
U- matched hill holding
Designed for Durability
Silicon rubber gaskets, electronic buttons, and quality
hardware ensure a long life for the Fusion SE. Made
to take the abuse and conditions of daily RC bashers.
Designed for Durability
Ready for all weather
and track conditions.
IP-67 waterproof rating ensures the Fusion SE has protection
from water, dust, and about anything else that gets thrown at it.
Designed to withstand all conditions time and time again.
Water proof
Dust proof
Note: The IP67 protection level mentioned above is splash-resistant, water-resistant and dust-resistant under normal use, and is tested under controlled
laboratory conditions. Its effect is in the GB / T 4208-2017 (domestic) / IEC 60529 (overseas) standard to IP67 level. Splash, water and dust resistance
are not permanently effective, and the level of protection may decline due to aging. Do not soak for a long time to avoid damaging the product.