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Brushed Motor
Outstanding Response and Control
The new Quicrun brushed motors offer improved performance,
reliability, and response over other motors.
With improved materials and overall design,
these motors offer significant power gains.
Excellent efficiency
With up to 69% maximum efficiency,
the Quicrun brushed motors far exceed
standard motors of the same
specifications (555-11T).
The maximum efficiency is up to 17% higher.
These new motors run cooler (Lower temps)
than similar motors under the same load.
Zero-cogging torque design
The 555 motor adopts a 5-slot design,
and the motor cogging effect is virtually eliminated.
These new motors have a very small torque fluctuation and,
bring a very linear response at all speeds
for an improved overall drive feel.
Adjustable mechanical
timing of the motor
The mechanical timing of the motor can be adjusted by -20 — 20 °.
This allows users to fine-tune the RPM and feel of motors.
Timing adjustments also allow
the motors to be used for CCW and CW applications.
Specialized Carbon Brush
for extended life
Developed specifically for these motors,
the new brushes feature a custom blend
to provide extremely long life,
while providing great performance.
These motors start to compare
to brushless motors in terms of life span.
Modular design for easy service and cleaning
The motors feature an easy-to-service rebuildable design.
Convenient for cleaning and maintenance,
effectively prolonging the life span and maintaining
the efficiency of the motor.
PCB anti-interference
The motor is equipped with a
dual PCB anti-interference board.
These reduce the harmful spikes and
noise from affecting your speed control.
PCB anti-interference board
Quality materials
To ensure high tolerance to abuse and heavy-duty driving,
a 200°C high-temperature resistant magnet,
180°C high-temperature resistant copper
wire has been used.
Combined with 0.35 mm (only 555) ultra-thin silicon steel sheet,
and the Hobbywing custom carbon brush,
these motors are built to handle the demands of today's driver.
QuicRun Brushed 555
QuicRun Brushed 540