Quicrun Fusion pro integrated power system for rock-crawling

Source : HobbywingDate : 2022-05-24

The Quicrun Fusion Pro power system from Hobbywing was launched on the 24th of May, 2022. The integrated power system has undergone drastic development based on previous generation for further enhancement.

First of all, further optimization was made and the overall reduction of the length caught the most attention. The Quicrun Fusion Pro is shortened by 6mm, and the overall length is now at 58mm. It is now possible to fit the Quicrun Fusion Pro on most vehicles on the market.

The FOC drive algorithm upgrade increases the efficiency by 8% and reduces the power consumption loss by 30%, resulting in a significant increase in power. The increase in temperature is lowered climbing at low speed, with a longer battery lifespan for a longer playtime.

"Normal Mode (Forward and Reverse with Brake)" is added in the Quicrun Fusion Pro. There is no drag braking effect in this mode. After throttle is released, the vehicle continues to roll freely until it stops. In terms of parameters, practical parameter adjustments such as "maximum braking force", "speed fluency", "start mode", "throttle mid-point area" are added to bring more control experience.