shenzhen Hobbying Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Hobbywing" or "We") is a limited liability company established as per relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China. We take maintaining and protecting users' personal information seriously. We may gather and use your personal information when you're using Hobbywing's products and services. This privacy policy aims to explain how we gather and store your personal information. We hope that you can read this privacy policy carefully, in case you need it to make a proper choice.

It will mean that you permit us to gather, store, use, and share your personal information as per this privacy policy if you use or continue to use Hobbywing’s products or services.


  • When you are using our products or services, our online system will store the information like log records of product use, configuration of your electronic devices, the time, location and others when you get access to our products & services.


We gather your information to achieve the following targets:

  • To understand your specific demand for technical services.
  • To confirm that the products & services are suitable for you.
  • To provide products & services as per your request.
  • To abide by relevant laws & regulations.


  • Your personal information will be stored and protected by Hobbywing no matter how you provide it to us. We have established an information security control system to keep your information from being used, accessed, revised, copied, destroyed, disclosed, damaged or stolen by others.
  • For storing and protecting your personal information, Hobbywing has implemented various tangible or electronic security means and programs. For instance, we strictly limit the personnel from getting access to the information processing and storage area and the number of the personnel who can decrypt. We also implement password, identification code, firewall and information encryption, password lock for file cabinet and archive.
  • We will sign relevant confidentiality agreements with the third party when we give your information to the party which is entrusted to provide services (to Hobbywing's users), in order to guarantee your personal information is under protection and only used for providing you services.


The information that we gather from you may be used to achieve the following targets:

  • To provide services to you.
  • To help us design new products or services and improve our existing products or services.
  • To be used for identity verification, customer service, safety precaution, filing or back-up, and etc.
  • To invite you to participate in our surveys relates to products or services.
  • We may entrust other third parties to provide services like data processing, account management & marketing on behalf of Hobbying. We will only provide the necessary information to those third parties, so they can complete their tasks. And we’ll sign confidentiality agreements with them as per the identical confidentiality standards Hobbywing always abide by. Those third parties may be from aboard, as per the local law, they may have the obligation to disclose certain information.


We will not share your personal information with any third parties except the following situations:

  • We get your permission.
  • Share your personal information with the product or service suppliers that Hobbywing has authorized to achieve the targets presented in the chapter "How may we use your personal information?".
  • Share your personal information inside Hobbywing, so the targets presented in the chapter "How may we use your personal information?" can be achieved.
  • We may sell Hobbywing’s business or merge with new business in future. In this condition, your personal information and relevant accounts, products and services you have bought and others will be transferred along with the business development.
  • You personal information may be forcibly disclosed in the following situations: 1) when it's suspected of getting involved in criminal activities, then we will disclose the information to justice or law enforcement institutions for detecting or preventing crimes; 2) the court forcibly asks us to disclose the information; 3) the government forcibly asks us to disclose; 4) for protecting Hobbywing’s asset (i.e. to pay off overdue accounts) and etc. In those circumstances, we will record the content, time, reason and receiver of the disclosed information.


  • Please contact our client managers or distributors if you want to check or verify your personal information and check our records of disclosures. We will tell you the reason timely if we cannot provide you with relevant documentation in some cases.
  • In some conditions you have the right to refuse to provide some information to us, and we may not be able to provide you with some products, services or information due to this. For protecting the mutual benefits, for example, to ensure that your request is carried out and prove that we provide all the necessary information to you, we may monitor all the phone calls or emails between you and Hobbywing to guarantee our service quality.
  • Please tell us if you don’t want to get any direct marketing communication from Hobbywing, then we will delete your personal information from our list of direct marketing.
  • Please inform us if you don't want your personal information is shared among Hobbywing members. In this condition, we may not be able to provide you with specific products or services due to information shortage.
  • To ensure that you will use our products and services properly, you need to get your parents' or guardians' permission and guidance if you are under 18.
  • Some articles of this privacy policy may not be applicable for you according to your local laws & regulations. This privacy policy will not exclude or limit your from enjoying any rights as per the local laws.


  • We may revise the articles of this privacy policy timely, the revise is a part of the privacy policy. If the revise cause you to have less substantial rights, we will inform you by displaying some notice on the homepage or send you an email or others before the effective date. In this case, if you continue to use our services, then it means that you are agree with the restraint of the revised privacy policy.


  • Hobbywing really appreciates the chance to provide you with products and services. To win and maintain your trust is always our principle since the establishment. We are committed to respect and protect your privacy and personnel information, we also hope that you can understand our privacy policy including how we gather, use and disclose your personal information.
  • Besides regulations, dispute settlement, training, liaison and etc., we also have a dedicated team to manage and protect your personal information, and report issues relate to privacy protection directly to the board and general manager of Hobbywing.
  • We will ensure that you know the reason why your information is gathered when you are applying for any products or services. We will ask for your permission if we want to use your personal information for unmentioned purposes.
  • We will ensure that you know the reason why your information is gathered when you are applying for any products or services. We will ask for your permission if we want to use your personal information for unmentioned purposes.
  • For the latest version of Hobbywing's privacy policy, please visit our website at www.hobbywing.com and click the link for privacy policy at the bottom.